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How Much Does a Fence Cost?

This is definitely our most commonly asked question! Money talks, right? This is actually an easy question to answer. The answer is… (drumroll) it depends!

One of the biggest factors in what your fence will cost is how many linear feet you need. 1st let me explain linear feet. Linear feet just means any distance or length measured in feet. The term in-home repair is usually applied to products that are installed without regard to other dimensions, such as width or thickness. So now that we got that out of the way… The average yard that we have installed a fence on is usually somewhere between 180-210 linear feet. Our smallest fence has been roughly 100 feet and our largest so far has been 545 feet! So there are a lot of different sized yards. On average like said above is 180-210 feet.

The second biggest factor in knowing how much your fence will cost is knowing what style and what material you prefer using! Each material and each style comes with different pricing as well. For example, our highest cost material is PVC/Vinyl which has many different styles. Mid-tier pricing would be cedar wood fences and aluminum fences. The lower tier would include pressure-treated wood and chainlink materials. 

So knowing all those options will fine-tune what your fence will cost, but we haven’t really answered your question yet!! Using the 180-210 linear foot fence we would be somewhere between $3300 to $7500. But there’s more!!! We didn’t even talk about gates…. Typically we install 2 gates per fence and they average around $350 per gate.  So our grand total would be $4000-$8200.

If you truly want to know what the cost to install a fence in your yard is check out our Free InstaQuote tool! All you have to do is type in your address and it pulls up a map of your yard. Next, draw in your fenced-in area you want and add any gates you wish, click next to select your style/materials of fence. After you select your style/materials of fence you will instantly see a more accurate estimated cost for your own project! These numbers are usually within $400-$500 dollars of the real cost.

We love the InstaQuote because it accurately answers your most important question from the comfort of your home! Let’s be honest anytime you have to schedule a contractor out for an estimate it’s a pain, right? Don’t worry our InstaQuote is pain-free! Try it today.