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Frequently asked questions

Loaded question, but for an average yard we are somewhere between $4000-$8000.

As a general rule, cedar will remain in good condition and require less maintenance than pine if installed above the ground. Pressure-treated pine is less likely to decay if planted in soil, so the posts often last longer than cedar.

Most likely pressure treated pine and the green tent you see is the treatment in the wood. It will fade away over time and you will not see it anymore when you stain your fence!

Depends!! If it is a cedar fence you can usually stain as soon as the fence is installed. If you have a pressure treated fence you may have to wait for a while… When the fence is installed typically 2-3 months of dry time and you are ready to stain!

Good news! Very little!! Usually all the maintenance you need is to occasionally wash the fence.

Same as a PVC very little and normally only a quick wash and you are good!

We use our InstaQuote tool! You can type in your address, draw your fence on a map, pick your design and bam!! You get a free no obligation quote right on your screen! Its right at the top of our website, big red button with your name on it!!


It depends! Size matters! A smaller fence is usually quicker and a bigger fence usually takes longer. On average we install fences between 2-4 days.

Check out this video!


The InstaQuote portal is very user-friendly. Here is a quick walk through to help you out!


We picked the name Stony Creek Fence because we live near Stony Creek in Madison County, our township is even Stony Creek Township! Stony Creek runs through a big part of the community we serve so we thought it was very fitting.

You do not “have” to be there, it is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. Most of our clients are not present during the installation of their fence. We are cool with either option!